Water & Wastewater

With Belzona, water / wastewater facilities can solve many common problems including deteriorated performance caused by erosion-corrosion in pumps, chemical attack in fluid handling systems, water ingress/leakage from equipment and structures, and mechanical damage to equipment throughout these facilities.

Belzona also maintains a performance improvement program specifically for pumps. With this program, not only is pump performance improved but the service life is also extended:

  • Both old and new pumps can benefit from Belzona technology

  • Performance gains with these systems range from up to 7% on new pumps, to 40% on those in service

  • Reductions in operating costs can be realized immediately

  • Pumps protected with Belzona last longer

  • Belzona resists the damaging effects of erosion-corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack that destroy cast iron, steel, bronze, and other materials of construction

  • Other benefits include minimum downtime and the refurbishment of scrap components

  • Worn pump components can be easily rebuilt and/or coated at a much lower cost when compared to direct part replacement